Bespoke Training and Mentoring

I can develop bespoke training solutions for your business, ranging from individual mentoring through to UK wide project solutions.

On the Crossrail project, I worked with the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) to develop an industry wide course to take suitably experienced/educationally qualified candidates through to MCQI status. This course ran for several iterations and as a result enabled 70 construction industry professionals to achieve MCQI status, roughly doubling the number of MCQI qualified individuals in the construction industry at that time. This course was acknowledged by the CQI as a great success in promoting both quality and the Institute in the UK construction industry.

“Jon’s input into the development of these courses was absolutely crucial to the success of this project; his combined knowledge of the construction industry and of the way quality is managed in the industry enabled the courses to be not only accurately tailored but also to be extremely effective.”

Mike Debenham
MICE – Business Process Improvement Unlimited
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To promote better understanding of the organisations management systems and project requirements, I have developed many internal training and mentoring courses within the organisations I have worked for. An example of an Inspection and Test Plan training course which I have developed and presented is here (Powerpoint file).

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