Supply Chain Management

I can provide advice and guidance on supply chain management including the authoring and review of quality documentation (i.e. Inspection and Test Plans, etc.) and the provision of a risk based supply chain audit process.

During my career, I have been responsible for the quality management of the supply chain on several major UK Infrastructure projects, working with supply chain partners across Europe.

This includes the management of all stages of the supply chain process, from the development of tender quality requirements, selection of bidder submission through to the quality of the delivered product.

My experience allows me to understand the risk profile of supply chain partners/products and develop and implement effective and efficient control measures accordingly. I have been involved in the quality management of a wide range of manufacturing processes ranging from concrete batching plants and precast manufacturers to glass manufacturers and rail supply.

I have particular expertise in the quality assurance of the manufacture of pre-cast tunnel segments and steelwork fabrication.